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Best Morocco Vacation Packages & Best Vacations in Morocco guided and inspired by Our Moroccan Travel Agency to make your Moroccan Trip as enjoyable as possible.

Sahara Desert Tours & Morocco Vacation Travel Guide are carefully curated to offer the perfect balance of comfort and the best experience. Planning a trip to Morocco and spending the incredible days/nights from your arrival to departure of your Moroccan tour. Immerse yourself in new cultures, make lasting memories with like-minded Locals, and indulge in a touch of luxury without the hefty price tag. Join us on one of our bespoke journeys and discover and experience the best Morocco in style!

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When people adventure around the world. They’re probably referring to places like Morocco. Why! Morocco is a land of dreams, culture, freedom you name it. Therefore, places where local food such as tagine and couscous come spiked with saffron, argan,… And certainly where Handcrafted like rugs, traditional Berber outfits merchants haggle everywhere. Berber tribesmen herd goats on the slopes of the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert. Once you are planning to travel to Morocco, make sure to add the Sahara desert to your trip. Your vacation without the Sahara Desert wouldn’t be complete. Sahara Desert is a place where the romantic camel rides over the dunes and the unforgettable night in a Desert camp surrounded by dunes in the middle of nowhere, would take your breath away. Immerse yourself in the local culture of this magical national world that doesn’t expect anything from you unless a visit.

We’re more than happy and ready to show you every single corner of this marvelous country. Imperial cities of Marrakesh, Fes, Meknes, and Rabat, Ancient historical sites such as Kasbahs, Mosques, Museums… Beaches and coast cities, Breathtaking Landscapes, the national park Atlas Mountains, and of course the wild Sahara Desert as well.

Whether you are a solo traveler, couple, family, or even a group of friends. Our mission is to make your tour as enjoyable as possible, exploring and experiencing great things on a budget. As you know Morocco is a land of culture. Our Moroccan travel tour consists of some activities and special events that you might need to be included in your Morocco Tour. Honeymoon, hammam spa, weeding out of nowhere in the Sahara desert, cooking classes, discovering the real secrets of the famous and main delicious Moroccan food, and more. Escorted Casablanca Morocco tour, Fez, Tanger, Marrakech,… Just let us know what is the purpose of your trip. Well, To top it all Just come as a guest, explore as a local, and leave as a member of our family with a ton of experiences.

About Company

Morocco Vacation Travel

As a company and community that relies on traveling throughout Morocco. It’s our priority to make our client’s experience the best it can be. Our Morocco tours will take you to the fascinating places. If you have a custom itinerary or want to just pick your destination as you go, we can get you there on a budget, we are here to help you design your tour to your personal needs and interests.

We can handle groups of any size and will help keep your schedule. We offer for groups ranging in size from a just solo to over 100 guests. We specialize in facilitating large groups and we have a great deal of experience facilitating guests for a special events such as for weddings, honeymoons etc. Cycling tours and trekking & hiking tours are available at Morocco Vacation Travel just bring your legs and a sense of adventure.

The best selling tours

Sahara Desert Tours

2 Days Desert tour from Fes

This private desert trip is suited to travelers who wish to experience a desert tour from Fes and back to Fes. You are tired of rolling the alleyways of the ancient medina of Fes and wondering to escape the crowded city of Fes…

2 Days tour To Erg Chegaga

This private desert trip is suited to travelers who are running out of time and wish to experience a desert tour from Marrakech and back to Marrakesh.

3 Days Desert Tour From Marrakesh

This private all-inclusive tour is suited to travelers who are on a short time and would like to explore the south of Morocco, and determined not to leave Morocco without experiencing the Sahara.

3 Day Desert Tour - Marrakech To Fez

This private journey is suited to adventurous travelers who in a short space of time wish to focus on and maximise their experience of the Moroccan Sahara and decide at the last minute to incorporate a stay in the Desert.

4 Days Tour From Marrakech

This bespoke private journey is suited to travelers who are on a short time and would like a more relaxed experience of Morocco, including a glamping experience in the more authentic Erg Chebbi Desert region.

5 Days Tour From Marrakech

This guided journey is suited to travelers interested in a comprehensive yet relaxed cross-country road trip through Morocco, from North to South, Sahara desert experience.

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Best Morocco Tour Packages

8 Days Morocco Itinerary

This private all-inclusive 8-day desert trip from Marrakech to the Sahara is suited to travelers determined to experience Morocco in an off-road tour and decide to incorporate a stay in the desert of Erg Chebbi and Chigaga.

10 Days Itinerary From Marrakech

This private all-inclusive 10-day Morocco tour from Marrakech is suited to travelers determined to begin their Moroccan trip in Marrakech and end in Tangier, through the wild Sahara, Fes & blue city of Chefchaouen.

12 Days Morocco Grand Itinerary

This private all-inclusive ultimate 12 day Morocco itinerary is suited to adventurous seekers determined to experience the real Morocco with a stay in Auberge (A boutique of nomad family) and the luxury camp.

12 Days Morocco Itinerary

This bespoke private Luxury 12 days Morocco tour from Casablanca is suited to travelers who would like a more relaxed experience of Morocco, including a glamping experience in the more authentic Erg Chebbi Desert region.

15 Days Itinerary From Casablanca

This bespoke private tour is suited to travelers with a thirst for culture and adventure. Offering a truly unforgettable Moroccan experience, allowing you to absorb the atmosphere and beauty of the diverse destinations in Morocco

Custom Moroccan Tour

Should our collection of tours and excursions not offer what you are looking for we would welcome the opportunity to create a customized tour to match your specific requirements, wishes, time frame, and budget.

About us

Meet Mohamed Amraoui – Visionary Entrepreneur and Your Expert Local Guide

Mohamed is a Berber man who created MVT, Mohamed is a polyglot. He does speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic and his native language Tamazight (Berber).he was born in 1900s in a small Berber village in the Sahara desert called Tafraout. And he gained the university degree in English studies in Meknes city. After a four years of studying at the university and working on vacations in the desert. Mohamed met a family from the United States of America, they witnessed Mohamed speaks English very well. They suggested that to open a small travel company.

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Our Excursion & Round Trips

You are running out of time in Morocco’s destinations. No matter where Marrakech, Fez, Casablanca… And would like to go on a day trip around your city before getting started on your desert trip or flying back home. Check out those solo excursions below.

3 Valley Excursion & Atlas Mountains

This round trip to the Altas Mountains suits travelers who'd like to have a relaxing day from the busiest city of Marrakech

Excursion to Essaouira From Marrakech
Excursion To Essaouira & Atlantic Coast

Your day trip to Essaouira begins after a late breakfast in your accommodation in Marrakech.

Excursion To Chefchaouen & Blue city

This excursion is the best choice for travelers who would like to finish or start their tour in Fes without missing the blue city.

Merzouga Desert Activities

Do you like adventure and have fun? These options are for you. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy your desert activity. Mount your camel or hop on the ATV quad and get lost in the Sahara desert among the hills of the desert enjoying the spectacular sunset, and sunrise and experiencing a lifestyle with nomads on the edge of orange erg Chebbi dunes. Sit back in a 4×4 car enjoying the landscapes of the Sahara desert and having fun among the dunes with nomad Berber families as well as exploring Khamliya village. Home to slaves from southern Africa listening to their local music and knowing about their culture and history.

Camel trekking & Desert Camp

Camel rides are really romantic activities to explore and enjoy the Sahara desert. But please keep in mind that there are different ways to experience this amazing adventure.

ATV quad &buggy Adventure

This daily adventure is the best option for enthusiasts adventurous who would like to experience Merzouga desert by 4WD instead of camels.

4×4 excursion & Off road

Jeep excursion allows you to explore every corner of the Sahara desert in a comfortable way, nomads, hamadas, oasis, Berbers, off roading.

Our Transportation

Our Morocco Car Rental With Driver

If you prefer to explore Morocco at your own pace. The best way is to book our equipped vehicles with a professional driver who speaks your language. A professional Morocco Car rental service is at your disposal. Highly qualified drivers to make airport transfers or routes to different places in Morocco.

Car Rental With Driver In Morocco

When it comes to driving on and off the road. The comfortable cars are the most important things in your adventure. Well, you should know that our luxury vehicles are mostly comfortable and never get old. We change them frequently to make sure that our customers are comfortable and safe. Our drivers are fluent in various languages; English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and German.

SUV 4WD 4×4
Bus & Minibus

Why Traveling Morocco?

Morocco is an exotic gateway to Africa. Moroccan country is the land of freedom, the land of cultures. It’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The indigenous people of this charming country are Berbers (Amazigh). Amazigh is a term that means free man. And that’s why we call them free people. Which means they don’t have any religion to follow and are free to follow any religion. they are not just the original people of Morocco but the main population of North Africa as well. Morocco, Algeria, Tunis, Libya, Mali, Niger, Mauritania and Egypt. Their language is Tamazight. At the end of the seventh century Arabs came from the Middle East crossing North Africa in the name of their new revolutionary ideology Islam. Eventually, nearly all the Berbers converted to the new religion and were immediately accepted as fellow Muslims by the Arabs. Morocco has the best coastal cities where locals enjoy their holiday, Casablanca, a Big and great Moroccan city. Fez City is the oldest city in Morocco. Most people who are living in Fez are Arabs. Most Moroccan cities are built on mountains, the High Atlas Mountains, and Mid-Atlas Mountains. Our Moroccan country is a worthy place that everyone has to travel to. Experience Morocco from north to south. Start your best journey from Casablanca, Fez, Tangier, and Marrakech and it is possible to begin your travel from other Moroccan cities/destinations.

Our Clients Reviews/Experience

Isabelle LS

Zapopan, Mexico

It was a 12 day private tour that completely exceeded my expectations, Mohamed is a great guide who organized everything perfectly, his willingness, dedication and service made me feel…

Felicia S

Dublin, Irlanda

Morocco Vacation Travel provided us with impeccable service, from the moment we landed to the moment we departed. Our tailored itinerary was thoughtfully crafted, ensuring that we got to experience the best of Morocco in style.

Asian traveller

Hong Kong, China

We had a fantastic time (2 weeks) travelling with Mohamed. He is a great guide, showing us the different cities and ensuring that we were well taken care of throughout the two weeks.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! Definitely yes, Original Morocco is one of the safest countries in the world, where the crime rate is very low compared to the Middle East and South America.

A visa may be required to travel to Morocco. It is your responsibility to check the visa requirements based on your country of original / nationality and to obtain the correct visa for your Moroccan trip. Morocco does offer visa-free travel for stays of up to 90 days for many countries, such as Americans, Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders, EU and British citizens.

Yes. You are responsible for obtaining your own travel insurance cover. We recommend you purchase travel insurance at the point of  booking your spot on a Morocco Vacation Travel. This is in order that you are insured should unforeseen circumstances prevent you from attending the trip.

Actually, there’s no shared group for now. However, if you have your own group the answer is Yes!

The best time to visit Morocco is when you’re on your vacation. Well, from August to May. The temperature during the summer season is very high, especially in the Sahara desert, but Don’t let the heat keep you away from exploring Morocco! Accommodations with a swimming pool are mostly available. We offer an equipped hotel in order to enjoy your tour to be enjoyed and save money.

There are several free times in the itinerary that you can use to relax at the hotel, go out to explore or go shopping. Of course, all daily activities are optional so you are welcome to skip something in favor of some down time!

Absolutely yes! We take care of our guests from point A to Z, as most of our travelers are solo. If you check our reviews.

Everyone doesn’t know exactly what to wear abroad. Morocco is a little different from other Islamic countries such as Egypt, the Middle east…However, Moroccan people dress like foreign people do. Pants, skirts, t-shirts you name it. But it would be much better if you dressed appropriately even not to be harassed in some places.

Once you’re happy with your trip we require a small deposit to confirm your Morocco adventure. Payments will be made via the WeTravel Payment System, which allows the use of a major credit card or bank transfer. We will then send you a reminder and payment link when the balance is due. Sometimes the balance will be paid in person upon your arrival. Euros, USD or Dirhams.

You will have an air-conditioned vehicle for the duration of the journey with your guide to take you from place to place. Please note Morocco is a big country and most Morocco desert tours do include some long driving days when you make your way out to the desert camp!

First of all, we recommend you to bring travel insurance and cash. Our private consultant will send an information pack to you before you land in Morocco. Please pay a visit to our Essential Travel Information for more information.

Our premium Morocco trips are very active and there will be lots of walking and exploring. The activities themselves are not strenuous and we have drivers throughout who take you between the hotels, restaurants, and to your activities.

If your question was not answered here, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us.


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