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Kingdom of Morocco

Morocco is an exotic gateway to Africa. Morocco is the land of freedom, the land of cultures. It’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The indigenous inhabitants of this charm land are Berbers (Amazigh).Amazigh is a term that means free man. And that’s why we call them free people. Which means they don’t have any religion to follow and are free to follow any religion. they are not just the main population of Morocco but the main population of North Africa as well. Morocco, Algeria, Tunis, Libya, Mali, Neger, Moritain and Egypt. Their language is Tamazight. At the end of the seventh century Arabs came from the middle east crossing north Africa in the name of their new revolutionary ideology Islam. Eventually, nearly all the Berbers converted to the new religion and were immediately accepted as fellow Muslims by the Arabs. When Muslim armies invaded the Iberian peninsula from Morocco, the bulk of the troops were Berbers, and the two ethnic groups pretty much assimilated . Today, most Moroccans can claim both Arab and Berber ancestors, though a few (especially Shareefs, who trace their ancestry
back to the Prophet Mohammed and have the title “Moulay”). Monkey trainers, snake charmers ….

  • Location: north Africa
  • Capital of Morocco: Rabat
  • King: Mohammed VI
  • Population: 36,91 million (2020)
  • Currency: Dirham(DMA)
  • Dialing code:+212
  • Politics: Morocco gained independence from French and Spanish rule in 1956
  • Religion: Islam but there are non-Muslims and other religions like Christian, Jewish…
  • Language spoken: Tamazight, Arabic, and French. English, Spanish, and some other languages are spoken in tourist places.

Public vacations in Morocco

  • New year’s eve: 01 January
  • Independence manifesto day: 11 January
  • Yennayer(amazigh new year): 12 January
  •  Labor day: 01 may
  •  Eid al fitr( end of Ramadan)
  • Eid al adha( feast of sacrifice) 2 months after Ramadan
  • Throne day: 30 July
  • Fatih muharram (Islamic new year):10 August
  •  Ouad ed dahab day: 14 August
  •  Revolution day: 20 August
  • King Mohammed IV’s birthday: 21 August
  •  Eid al Moloud( birth of the prophet Muhammad): 19 October
  •  Green March day: 06 November
  •  Fourth of July: 18 November

Festivals in Morocco

  • Almond blossom festival in Tafraout: 2nd week of February
  • Nomads festival in M’hamid El Ghizlane: April
  • Gnaoua world music festival in Essaouira: June
  • Timitar music festival in Agadir: July
  • Mawazine festival in Rabat:June
  • Rose festival in Kalaat Mgouna: May
  • World sacred music festival in Fez: June
  • Fantasia festival in Meknes: May
  • Popular arts festival in Marrakech: june
  • Marriage festival in Imilchil: September
  • Date festival in Erfoud: October
  • New year’s eve, yennayer throughout Morocco: December
  • Merzouga international festival in Merzouga:April
  • Saffron festival (red gold): 1st weekend of November

You might be wondering what and how Ramadan is in Morocco.



Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It’s the month when the Quran was revealed. Observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of forgiveness-mercy-fasting-praying…

Ramadan can be 30 days or 29 days depending on sighting the new moon. If you are in the middle of nowhere like the Sahara desert and you saw the moon you can get started fasting from tomorrow . But if you didn’t realize the moon. Don’t fast until you see it in the next few days. The holy month of Ramadan changes every year for 13 days .If the Ramadan comes on the 10th of any month in this year, it would be on the 27th of the previous month next year.
Muslims get started Fasting with the first prayer called (Al Fajr)after the meal(Sehur). And they break their fast after sunset, indeed the fourth prayer called (al Maghreb). Originally the fifth prayer had in Al Fajr 4 prayers- the midday prayer called Adohar 4 prayers, noon prayer called al Asar 4 prayers. Al Maghreb time for breakfast 3 prays al Aisha at night 4 prayers plus 3 to end your day prayers. But during the holy month, Muslims pray 10 more prayers called tarawih, totaling 17 prayers. Also on holy month there’s a feast.

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